Allow Me To Introduce Myself..

It’s about time you met the face behind the paintings, (I’m also not sure what my right hand is doing in the photo) so here is a little bit about me and my story…

My Mother often tells me the story of when she would pick me up from school to find that I’d had an art lesson that day and whether she would like to take my masterpiece home. Apparently she always knew which one was mine as it was layered thick with paint and would take days to dry. Funnily enough that is still the case thirty years later…

The magic of wildflowers and the kaleidoscopic beauty they offer is something that I find mesmerising. I fell in love with the freeness of wildflowers because, no one has to plant them, and when their seeds blow in the wind they find a new place to grow and dance. I try to recreate this dance through the use of gold leaf in my work as it breathes life into each painting. Painting for me is such a happy place and I love getting lost in it.

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  1. A real pleasure to browse this selection of bright summertime colours freshen any wall giving that homely atmosphere can Emma paint enough to keep everybody happy !

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